Welcome to New Life!

We're so glad you stopped by our site today! Below you will find answers to many of the questions you might have as a guest at our church. If you have other questions, please call 231-916-2500

What time does Church Start?

Our Sunday service starts at 10am, but we have coffee and snacks before, so you can show up for fellowship at 9:45 am

What can I expect to hear?

You can expect to hear a message from God's Word that will uplift, encourage and train people to be wholly devoted followers of Jesus Christ!

How do I get there?

New Life Assembly is located at 122 East State St, Mancelona, MI 49659 which is at 131 and State St in Mancelona, MI.

Mailing address is P.O Box 795 Kalkaska, MI 49646

What should I wear?

We want you to be comfortable while you are visiting, so what you wear is your choice. You can dress up or dress down, either way is totally acceptable.

What doors do I use to enter the church?

Enter the Church in the middle doors  just under the steeple

What is available for my kids?

New Life Assembly has great services and activities for children of all ages. Please check under the tab ministries to go to the Children/kids, and youth, where you will find detailed information on all that is available for your children/youth. 

What should I expect in worship?

 Click on the worship tab where you will find detailed information on all that is available for our Worship style.

Do you have men and women's bible studies?

Yes, we have men and women bible studies. Please click on the ministries tab for more detailed info.

To have a tour or meet with the Pastor please call 231-916-2500 or email at pastor@newlifemancelona.org