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​Killing Kryptonite Film Series 

In Killing Kryptonite John Bevere uses the metaphor of Kryptonite to explain what weakens our relationship with the Lord. There was only one thing that could stop Superman: kryptonite. It was a radioactive substance from his home planet and when he came in contact with it, it neutralized his supernatural powers and he became even weaker than the common man. Even so, there is a kryptonite, a spiritual kryptonite that neutralizes our other-worldly powers: our Kingdom powers.
Do you know the advantage that kryptonite had on Superman? He didn’t recognize it usually until he was right in it. A lot of believers don’t recognize this spiritual kryptonite until they are in it, then all of a sudden, their powers are neutralized. So, the purpose of this message is twofold. First of all, how to identify spiritual kryptonite and, secondly, how to eliminate it and destroy it.
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