How to make the Eight Goals sticky
The traditional approach churches have taken in discipleship is to teach kids what they need to know and do. While there will always be a need for teaching, there are some additional principles that help faith grow deep in children which should be understood

Eight Goals for Kids
After a Child Accepts Christ create an environment for them to become…

1. Powerful in Prayer

2. Responsive in Worship

3. Spirit Empowered

4. Biblically Fluent

5. Actively Serving

6. Bold in Their Faith

7. Giving Selflessly

8. Living Like Christ

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The commitment that parents, church leaders, and other Christ-followers must make is to:

Live their lives as an example—make faith contagious (Model)
Encourage the next generation—build a confidence that echoes into the future (Mentor)
Anchor faith in the Word of God—stand courageously on the promises of God (Message)

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Centers on the Big God Story

Each age level showcases God as the hero of every Bible story and celebrates His redemption

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Cements a solid foundation that God made them, loves them, and is with them.


Awakens kids’ curiosity to the wonder of who God is.


Invites kids into God’s redemptive story and allows them to reflect on and respond to Him.

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